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Subrogation and Recovery

Affirmative Recovery

We effectively and efficiently handle subrogation cases involving substantial property damage and other first-party claims.  These claims include fires, explosions, structural collapses, gas and water leaks, and boiler, machinery and equipment failures.  We have the training and experience to properly investigate, resolve, and if necessary, litigate your cases.

We believe in aggressively investigating and pursuing your subrogation actions.  We recognize that every insurance company is different in their philosophy and infrastructure on subrogation matters.  Therefore, we tailor our approach to the particular client.  If your company has a sophisticated recovery department and only needs our services on the back-end of the process during the lawsuit stage, we are prepared to assist.  However, if your company has a limited recovery department, we are available to investigate your cases from the beginning by identifying the issues, retaining the appropriate experts, establishing the proof necessary to pursue recovery, and tenaciously pursuing your recovery.