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Commercial Recovery Litigation

We proactively identify and pursue claims where our clients have been economically harmed. This benefits our clients and their stakeholders by recouping revenue that would normally not be available. We help protect the assets and money of corporations and governmental entities by asserting their legal rights to ensure that business arrangements, commercial transactions and contracts are honored. Corporations and governmental entities enter into countless commercial transactions on a daily basis. Often these transactions can result in broken promises, misuse or misappropriation of funds or assets, infringements, errors or other wrongdoing. When this occurs we represent our clients (without any upfront legal fees being incurred by our clients) to recoup money, products, services or other quantifiable rights that legally belong to them. The main objective of our Commercial Recovery Litigation practice is to enforce our clients’ rights by recovering their lost value (money, products, services or other quantifiable rights) resulting from the actions of a person or company who was supposed to be a trusted business partner or service provider. Potential commercial recoveries include:

  • Unpaid debts
  • Plant breakdowns
  • Power outages
  • Industrial and other accidents
  • Major property damage
  • Equipment failures
  • Unfulfilled warranties
  • Products, parts or raw materials that fail to meet specifications
  • Unpaid royalties
  • Refunds from suppliers
  • Clean up costs
  • Commercial disputes
  • Overcharging the company

Following in the footsteps of major drug and technology companies, which have aggressively pursued patent infringers, we provide subject matter know-how to corporations and governmental entities to step up legal actions against suppliers of goods and services, distributors, utility companies, equipment suppliers, competitors and business partners who have done them wrong or owe them money. Equally important, we assert our clients’ lawful rights in an appropriate way, while preserving strategic business relationships. Our fundamental underpinning for commercial recoveries is to ensure that a positive and quantifiable benefit is gained by our clients as a result of proactive legal intervention.

But the main benefit to our clients when we recoup cash or other quantifiable rights owed to them is that we do this at a huge cost savings to our clients by putting some of our “skin in the game.” We handle these matters on a contingency fee basis as opposed to the traditional hourly arrangement. In short, at Woodhouse LLC we assist our clients in identifying recovery opportunities, deciding whether or not to pursue the opportunity, and resolving the dispute in a manner that is optimally beneficial to our client.

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