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260 Peachtree Street, NW
Atlanta, GA 30303-1237

Local Counsel Assistance

We serve as local counsel in metro Atlanta’s state and federal courts for lawyers and law firms located outside the state of Georgia.  We are familiar with local judges, attorneys and jury pools.  We help lead counsel navigate the unfamiliar terrain of the local jurisdiction while lead counsel sets the overall agenda for the case strategy.  Our involvement in the case is dictated by the needs of lead counsel and his or her client.  Regardless of our level of involvement, we are sure to:

  • Provide assistance to out-of-state attorneys with the pro hac vice admission process;
  • Provide insight regarding the judge assigned to your case;
  • Advise lead counsel of local practices and unwritten rules;
  • Navigate the informal arrangements, accommodations and short cuts;
  • Immediately notify lead counsel of deadlines and hearings;
  • Provide thoughtful and informative responses to requests for information;
  • Provide knowledge of local laws and procedures; and 
  • Regularly communicate with lead counsel to avoid surprises and duplication of work.

In short, we don’t drop the ball.  We promptly return all phone calls and immediately respond to all emails.  More importantly, we are proactive about reminding lead counsel of deadlines and conferences to avoid last-minute hassles.

We are located in a Class A building in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.  Our office has two conference rooms and a fully-furnished visiting attorney office with secure Wi-Fi Internet access, as well as all of the business amenities expected in a well respected law office. Our state-of-the-art technology includes a safe and secure computer system designed to protect our clients’ information.

We would welcome the opportunity to serve as your local counsel in litigation in metro Atlanta's state or federal courts.